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3-day Omnivores dinner ingredients (100% chopped, prepped and portioned) and recipes for 2 or 4 people.
This Omnivores box consists of ingredients and recipes for 2 meat or seafood options and 1 vegetarian option.
Cost is only $9.69/person per meal and Always FREE Shipping.
What's in my Omnivores home delivery grocery and recipe box?
2-person box: Ideal for families with little one(s) age 1-6. for 3 nights. Smart Tip: Also Ideal for individuals by cooking every other night! Simple and delicious food for 6 days!
4-person box: Ideal for families with older kids.Smart Tip: Also Ideal for couples by cooking every other night! Simple and delicious food for 6 days!
No commitments, Pantry Boy at your doorstep when you want it!
Order it weekly. Skip any week. Cancel any time.
All weekly changes must be made 4 days prior to the next week delivery.
We made grocery smart and home cooking simple with Slow Cookers or Gourmet Cooking, so you can ditch the grocery and takeout stores.
We conveniently deliver it to your doorstep. You avoid the pain of what to eat each night as well as grocery & takeout lines."What's for dinner?" is no longer a stressful question! Gather everyone around the table, eat healthy, and save time and money!
Let's get cooking SMART.
We have assembled your box with love and filled it with the freshest ingredients.
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Delicious meals made at the push of a button with Slow Cooker (Crock-Pot) or Gourmet Cooking.