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Ditch the grocery and takeout lines! We source farm-fresh ingredients and 100% chop, prep and pre-portion them so everything is ready to cook.

Who needs extra fees? We package and ship the ingredients for 3 nights' recipes in an insulated box, conveniently delivered to your doorstep.

Toss your ingredients in a Slow Cooker and go about your day, or make your meal with the Stove Top/Oven method in a few minutes!


"I worked a 12 hour shift. I made meal in less then 3 minutes this morning. We just ate hot dinner together. I can't get over how easy and yummy it is." -Aleen, PA

"The recipes and ingredients were easy and fresh. Highly recommend this service for people who are so busy but still like to eat healthy." –Justina, FL

"It's simple in every aspect. What a great healthy solution for my husband and family for the entire duration that I will be deployed." –Melissa, TN

Why Weekly?

So you can ditch the pain of what's for. You no longer have to plan what to cook & how to make becasue we do it for you every week.

You make effortless delicious meals while saving time & money. Cancel your trips to grocery stores, we deliver to your doorstep for free.

You enjoy more quality of life, enjoy more time for yourself and with loved ones. We build a business tht it is sustainable & responsible.


We create reciepes according to what's in season. We want you to enjoy a meal that is made with fresh ingredeitns with so much flavors.

We utilize only farm-fresh ingredients. Nothing processed. Our weekly food sourcing system, allos us to work with ingredients with integrity.

Well balanced nutritions to keep you healthy. We intellectualy develop our recipes so that you eat well and maintaine your good lifestyle.


Plus add your time and trip costs while buying bulky ingriends tha most of the time ends up in trash. Why pay $9 just for bottle of spice where you only needed 1/2 tsp?

Add your delivery fee and tip costs while suroundering to unhealthy options that skips home cooking experince. Why bother where you can make it effortless at home?

We saved time & money while making your home cooking simple. Your box will deliver every week according to your schedule and always free delivery. See?


Unlike grocery stores, we do not stock millions of items on thausand of shelfs. Every week we intellectually desing your recipes according to what's in season, locally sourced and proportionatelly ballanced ingredeints that keeps you healthy. We only focus on what's needed for your week's box. This way we help you put quality food on the table while creating sustainable food supply system.