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No Shopping - No Chopping Farm-fresh ingredients, stove top or Slow Cooker ready

Gourmet meals for less than a trip to the grocery store. Always free Delivery

Delicious, nutritious home-cooked meals your whole family will enjoy. Chef-designed recipes

Each Pantry Boy Box contains three delicious dinners for two or four people, chopped, measured, marinated and delivered ready to cook in your slow cooker or stove top.

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Our box consists of ready-to-cook ingredients and recipes for three different dinners. After your promotional box, the cost can be as low as only $8.99 per person, per meal, and Always FREE Shipping



I worked a 12 hour shift last night and Iwork again tonight. I made Pantry Boy meal in less then 3 minutes this morning. We just ate hot dinner together and it was incredible. I can't get over how easy and yummy it is. -Aleen, PA

"It is just outstanding! We used the slow cooking method and it literally took 8 minutes to prepare, the slow cooker did the rest for us." –Renee, AR

"The recipes and ingredients were easy and fresh. Highly recommend this service for people who are so busy but still like to eat healthy." –Justina, FL

"It's simple in every aspect. What a great healthy solution for my husband and family for the entire duration that I will be deployed." –Melissa, TN