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About Us

Pantry Boy Family

We make delicious meals with prepared ingredients for Slow Cooking and Fast Cooking.

We love eating fun and healthy, but we were having a difficult time playing chef every night with our busy schedules and the little ones. Grocery shopping was very stressful and time consuming and then there was the chopping, prepping, cooking and clean up after the meal. After receiving a Crock-Pot as a gift from friends, we noticed how easy it was to make delicious meals, but we were still having a difficult time with “What’s for dinner?” And of course there was still the grocery shopping and the leftover ingredients which somehow never got used and eventually went to waste.

We decided to find a better way and started Pantry Boy with friends' help. The word of mouth started spreading and the rest was history. It just made so much sense for everyone to make delicious meals simple.

Every week we develop lip-smacking recipes made with seasonal ingredients and inspired by recipes from around the world. We spend quality time to find passionate local farmers, purveyors and suppliers to source the most ethical and freshest ingredients. Once they arrive at our facility, we wash, prep and portion then place them in an insulated box with ice packs, and finally we ship it to your doorstep at no charge.

You simple unpack your ingredients and toss them into your Slow Cooker and push the button or in the mood of cooking super fast! Turn the burner on and get sizzling with easy step by step instructions. Of course, we also send you the accompanying side dish ingredients and step by step instructions as to how to make easy and delicious salads, pilafs, pastas, roasted veggies and breads.

So go ahead and ditch those grocery and takeout lines, and join the Pantry Boy experience at the push of a button. Once you enroll with us, you will see your lifestyle dynamics flourishing. Not only will you save time and money, but you will also have a permanent solution in place to eat well.


  • We provide you with the convenience of shopping and choosing what to cook.
  • We create fresh and nutritious recipes for good health.
  • We wash, chop and prepare everything for you.
  • We supply you with properly proportioned ingredients with "0" waste.
  • We seek and find the quality ingredients according to our menus.
  • We bring a new recipe meal to your dining table every time you open your Pantry Boy box.

We made home cooking simple, so you can avoid the grocery and takeout stores. "What's for dinner?" is no longer a stressful question! Gather everyone around the table, eat healthy, and save time and money!

Delicious meals made at a push of a button with Slow Cooker (Crock-Pot) or Gourmet Cooking.